Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Time

Big Time was on TV a couple of weeks ago. It's a documentary about Bernard Dunne who is now World Champion. Well done Bernard! It was a Liberty Films production supported by the Irish Film Board, BCI and RTE Sport.

It's a funny one really, the film finishes before the climax of Bernard winning his World Title... if only we had known! But you never know... there might be another ending on the way.

I've noticed that the documentary has been uploaded to youtube, so you can find clips here...

I also got to do the promo for the World Title Fight, so I had my own part to play in the historic night... that's my friend Dave Moore doing the VO... that man can talk fast!!

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I'm some kind of boxing nut but you'd be wrong. I actually find it quite tough to watch but there are amazing stories in the area. I have an idea for another boxing film to complete the trilogy, so to speak... if only I can find someone to fund it!

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