Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We had some good news there a couple of weeks ago:

Home Turf won Best Short Documentary a the Kerry Film Festival!

We were delighted because we made a Kerry film - shot in Kerry, featuring Kerry people and produced by a Kerrywoman.

Our poster pic (above) even features a picture of a Kerryman - Aideen's dad... Mr. O'Sullivan.

We're really happy that the film is connecting. It's a simple film about cutting turf but we feel there are also a few more layers to it.

The juxtaposition of hand turf-cutting and machine methods visually tell the story of progress and we think, too, that the film reveals a certain type of masculinity that deserves celebration but is perhaps often overlooked.

With winter coming, the film really makes me long for a good turf fire. And a nice cup of tea!

More info on the film here:

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